HVAC Contractor Bond

The HVAC Contractor bond is a bond designed for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning specialists. This bond ensures that the contractor will perform all HVAC work, whether personally or under his supervision, in accordance with all provisions of the current HVAC standards. The HVAC Contractor bond is designed to protect your customers. The amount of bond and the term options will vary from state to state.

"Heating, ventilating,air conditioning and refrigeration" or "HVACR" means the process of treating and protecting the environment by the responsible handling, dispensing, collecting and cleaning of chlorofluorocarbons and other refrigerants in stationary sources, and controlling the temperature, humidity and cleanliness of air by using the "wet," "dry," "radiant," "conduction," "convection," "direct," or "indirect" method or combination of methods, including those which utilize solar energy, to meet the environmental requirements of a designated area. "HVACR" also means the installation, servicing, connecting, maintenance or repair.

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The HVAC Contractor Bond is offered in the following states:

Alaska | $5,000.00
Alabama | $15,000.00
New Jersey | $3,000.00
Texas | $0.00

$5,000.00 Alaska HVAC Contractor Bond
$15,000.00 Alabama HVAC Contractor Bond
$3,000.00 New Jersey HVAC Contractor Bond
$0.00 Texas HVAC Contractor Bond