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If less than 3 years, prior experience in selling and buying cars then list the companies and dates you worked and postions, etc.
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Present Insurance Co.:
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List all losses/claims in the last 3 years:
Do we write your bond?
If no then who does?
What is the premium? dollars
Does the insured have an active dealers license?
Does everyone have a valid drivers license?
Has anyone ever had an alcohol or drug related offense?
Have there been any accidents or violations charged against any drivers license in the last 3 years?
If yes, please explain.
Misrepresentation of driving records or traffic violations will result in policy premium surcharge or cancellation.
Is there a personal auto policy in your household? (private registered cars) Which company?
Do you operate a buy here pay here lot?
Do you transfer titles at time of sale?:
Are any operations other than auto sales conducted at your business?
What percent (%) other?
What percent (%) auto sales?
Are any other businesses conducted from the same premise?
Approximately how many vehicles do you sell annually?
Is tire recapping, retreding or used tire sales performed?
Do you hire subcontractors (I.e. mechanics)? (need proof of insurance)
Does anyone live on the business premises? (need proof of own insurance)
Do salespersons always accompany customers on test drives?
Are any vehicles loaned or rented to customers?
Do you take in autos on consignment?
What percent (%) of inventory?
Do you sell anything other than private passenger autos, vans, pickups or sport utility vehicles?
If yes, what is it and what percent of your business?
Do you rebuild auto's?
What percent (%) of autos rebuilt?
Do you operate a salvage yard?
Do you sell used parts?
Do you do any repair work?:
If so, is the repair work on customers' cars?:
Are any employees under 25 years old?
If yes, who and how old?
Are any employees over 65 years old?
If yes, who and how old?
Do you have any tow trucks for hire? (must have proof of coverage)
Do you repossess vehicles?
If yes, please explain:
Do you own or operate a haul a way vehicle or trailer over 2,000 gross vehicle weight?
Is there any painting on the premises? (approved paint booth)
Is there any paint and/or flammable materials stored on site? (if yes then paint must be in approved containers and in approved storage location)
Do you do any welding?
If so, what?
Are tanks secured to the wall or cart when not in use?
Are there any dogs on business premises? (animals will be excluded)
Are there underground fuel or waste storage tanks on the premises?
Are there propane tanks on the premises?
Classify each employee once and only once under their primary duty.
(indicate age, part time (PT) or if furnished a vehicle (F)
# of Owners:
# of Managers:
# of Buyers:
# of Detailers:
# of Clerical:
# of Finance:
# of Bodymen:
# of Counter Sales:
# of Salesmen:
# of Regular Drivers:
# of Mechanics:
# of Occasional Driver:
Garage Liability policy covers any bodily injury or property damage that may be caused by your business operations on or away from the premises. Therefore, all persons involved with your business in any way whether they drive cars or not, have an exposure under this policy and they must be listed!
Are any non-employess, including spouses, furnished a car? (not listed above)
If yes, list name and age:
List all family members of owners/officers who are under the age of 21, whether or not they drive lot cars:
How are dealer plates used?
# of dealer plates:
# of motorcycle plates:
# of registered plates:
# of transporter plates:
Coverage's desired:
Bodily injury & property damage CSL: $
Personal injury protection: $
Un/underinsured motorists
Medical payments: $
Do you pick up or deliver vehicles beyond a 100 mile radius?
Desired radius in miles:
Number of estimated trips:
What are the largest cities you enter?:
Who transports the vehicles from the auction to your lot?
Optional-physical damage limit (comprehensive & collision) --- Deductible $1000
Total cost on vehicle lot? (no antique cars, semi's or trailers) $
Avg. # cars on lot? $
Avg. cost per car? $
Max cost per car? $
Do you have a FLOOR PLAN/FINANCE COMPANY you need to add as a LOSS PAYEE?
Do you have a LANDLORD OR OTHER you need to add as an ADDITIONAL INSURED?
Optional-Garage keepers legal liability?
Limit:: $
Deductible: $
Lot protection type: Post and chain
6' chain link fence
Building fully lit at night
Where are the keys to vehicles kept?
Notes: you must have the last 3 years of loss runs from your previous insurance company to bind coverage you can obtain loss runs from your present agent.
***Do not forget to check about Garage Liability Insurance or Surety Bonds***
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